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Hit The Road - The Digital Transformation Roadmap

Projects must remain feasible and affordable without overwhelming the organization. The Digital Transformation Roadmap provides an overview, planning capability, direction and guardrails.

A long-term plan for Digital Transformation

A digital transformation roadmap is a long-term plan for the next 2 to 5 years, taking into account all relevant goals, plans, measures and dimensions.

Bestimmte Maßnahmen innerhalb dieser Langfristigen roadmap müssen tatsächlich möglichst schnell, als so genannte "quick wins" in the shortest possible time. They prove that change is possible and can motivate and drive projects.

Strategic initiatives, on the other hand, usually require much more staying power and investment. Therefore, in our ISCM analysis and recommendation, we evaluate all theoretically possible options for action according to certain criteria, such as urgency, dependencies, the effort required for organizational change, or the resources and time needed. And, of course, the benefits and cost-effectiveness. After all, not everything that seems attractive at first glance is actually useful. Especially if the start-up or operating costs are too high.

From this evaluation and selection, the thematic clusters for the transformation roadmap and the overall assessment are defined. The elephant is sliced into smaller pieces to simplify planning and later to align the project organization. The transformation roadmap is the common thread for all projects and takes into account planning and project management, as well as the necessary organizational and process changes, right down to IT operations. It defines in sufficient detail what is feasible, by when, and in what order. It defines clear goals at the end of the project phases and describes in broad terms how these goals can be achieved. However, it also leaves room for adjustments to make necessary decisions and changes during the project.

On the timeline, we work with quarterly planning,the so-called seasons, with corresponding quarterly goals and milestones. Thematically, we divide the "elephant" into value streams with clearly formulated goals and customer benefits.

Our long-term effort and cost estimates are also made in this planning matrix. Of course, even we cannot predict the future to the penny. However, our Digital Transformation Roadmap is not a fantasy product, but is based on many years of project experience, adapted to your individual situation. Many of our customers have been surprised by the accuracy of our forecasts and budget estimates.

Mit einer klaren Digital Transformation Roadmap kann man großer Sicherheit bestimmen, mit welchem Aufwand und welchen Investitionen die Zukunft gestaltet werden kann. Sie liefert den langfristigen Rahmen, der die Richtung vorgibt, ist aber auch ausreichend flexibel um notwendige Anpassungen und Änderungen vornehmen zu können.

Work with us to determine which steps will really drive your digital transformation and secure a profitable initial consultation here.



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