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Successfully implement new enterprise software in your company

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The Implementation of new enterprise software is usually a lengthy processthat takes months, if not years. Business departments, IT and external service providers work on the new solution over a long period of time, migrating data, establishing new system workflows and setting up new functions.

All too often, the result is sobering: users do not accept the new software. Instead, for example, they simply continue to use the existing solution or practice creative workarounds to circumvent the new software.

Even if, from the company's point of view, the new solution only brings benefits - in the end, the rollout must consider not only the expected ROI, but especially those employees who are to work with it on a daily basis. Good management of software rollouts is therefore an important step for any company:

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A structured software rollout helps prepare employees for the new software and ensure acceptance.

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A software rollout also enables smooth integration of the new software into the existing IT infrastructure.

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Structured planning, coordination, and execution ensures deadline targets to enable on-time go-live of new enterprise software.

Successful integration of new software systems and technologies into the IT landscape: achieving the goal with rollout management

Together with you, we lay the foundation for the successful introduction of your new enterprise software. We develop a rollout strategy for you that is tailored to your company, including stakeholder and change management, and provide support in rollout management, implementation and system training if required.

Benefits of software rollout management

In a successful software rollout, key users are involved at an early stage in the selection and design of the new solution. This allows important requirements for the functions and usability of the new system to be taken into account during development, which ultimately ensures later user acceptance and reduces potential resistance.

A successful software implementation also increases user productivity, as tasks are easier and faster to complete. Productive employees can thus make a greater contribution to the success of your company.

A smooth rollout saves time and money for IT teams in your organization. When software is rolled out effectively, teams can get back to focusing on other projects instead of troubleshooting issues with the new system.

In addition, the shutdown of legacy systems that have become obsolete as a result of the new implementation can proceed more quickly, eliminating additional licensing and operating costs.

The introduction of new enterprise software often helps to comply with current security guidelines and standards in the company. These can be industry-specific, for example, but also government regulations.

Since IT can fully concentrate its support on the new solution after a successful rollout, vulnerability to hacker attacks is also reduced, for example. Legacy systems, which usually have few protective devices, are no longer on the network after a replacement; the new software solution also has better and more modern protective mechanisms.

Internationally positioned companies in particular face great complexity when introducing new software (e.g. a company-wide ERP system):

  • Many countries with existing legacy systems that need to be replaced
  • Many different user groups, which usually have different workflows and processes locally
  • Local expectations, but also regulations, which can differ greatly, making local adaptations necessary

An international project rollout also requires careful scheduling and resource allocation. It is important to set realistic timeframes and ensure that sufficient resources are available for each site. Bottlenecks or delays at one site can impact the entire rollout.

A rollout strategy tailored to your company and an associated rollout roadmap show which steps are necessary to successfully implement the new software.

Your path to a successful software rollout

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Choosing the right enterprise software

We are 100% independent of software vendors and integrators, so we can offer you a completely neutral view of any software market. We accompany you in a structured way through the entire software selection process: from initialization, requirements gathering and creation of a longlist to vendor presentations and price negotiations.

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Setting up a rollout strategy

We start by capturing the relevant rollout environment for your planned software introduction and clarify important parameters (e.g. timing of the introduction or replacement, budget and requirements for the internal decision-making process, key users, and many more).

From this, we derive a holistic rollout plan that shows you the way from initialization, coordination and implementation to training, go-live and transition to the operational phase.

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Trainings & Handover

Once you have your new enterprise software in place, we can assist you with implementation and train your staff on the new system.

This is the only way to ensure that there is a lasting change in the way your teams work in the new system in the future. We have successfully introduced, trained and sustainably implemented enterprise systems on site in over 70 countries around the world.

E-learning training materials are also regularly used in our rollout projects. Our teams can handle the common formats and are able to produce specific learning content for your company.

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Holistic rollout management

With our all-around worry-free service, you can relax and trust that your software rollout will be successful.

We start with a thorough analysis of your IT infrastructure to ensure that the new software can be integrated smoothly. We help you with the planning and implementation of the rollout, the accompanying change management and the creation and implementation of the training concept.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unser Software Rollout stellt ein Leistungsangebot dar, durch das unser Team Ihr Unternehmen tatkräftig bei der effizienten und nahtlosen Umsetzung von Software-Implementierungen unterstützt. Unser Fokus liegt darauf, den Rollout-Prozess zu optimieren und die potenziellen Risiken bei der Einführung neuer Software auf ein Minimum zu reduzieren. 

Der Software-Rollout durch Xtentio, bietet eine Vielzahl von Vorteilen, darunter professionelle Planung, Erhöhung der Nutzerakzeptanz für die neue Software, Risikominderung durch Tests, zentralisierte Koordination und eine schnellere Implementierung. 

Die Dauer eines Software-Rollouts mit Xtentio, variiert in der Regel abhängig von der Projektkomplexität, der Unternehmensgröße und individuellen Anforderungen. Als Xtentio, legen wir großen Wert auf eine maßgeschneiderte Herangehensweise und werden in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Ihnen einen angemessenen Zeitrahmen festlegen, um den Rollout-Prozess effizient zu gestalten. Unser Ziel ist es, sicherzustellen, dass der Rollout reibungslos abläuft und optimal auf Ihre Bedürfnisse abgestimmt ist. 

Gerne bieten wir Ihnen weitere Informationen an oder klären Ihre Fragen. Nehmen Sie direkt Kontakt mit uns auf, um eine persönliche Beratung zu erhalten. Wir stehen Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung. 


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