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Digital Vision Engineering

Create your company's digital future

Together with your management team, we strategically develop new, digital visions and thus build the foundation for enhanced digital value.

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Digital Vision Engineering

Clear, meaningful and valuable digital visions – specific, ambitious and directly operationalizable

Collaboration and integration rather than top-down advice: in just 5 workshops we create a new digital vision for your business with your leadership team.

Steep learning curve: best practices from your own and other industries create new perspectives and approaches for your company

Value-adding digitalization:

Building the foundation for beneficial digitization programs with digital vision engineering

Your challenges

Your organization lacks strategic direction for digitization initiatives. Decisions for e.g. new sales channels, technologies or digital business models, have been postponed for months or years, causing urgently needed digital impulses to be delayed or failed. Expected value and digital benefits often fail to be achieved. As a consequence on-going digitization projects are challended and entire teams get demotivated.

Without a shared vision of the future and a lack of coordinated and clearly communicated goals, island projects are created. If, for example, technologies are only introduced in isolated individual departments without taking into account the overall IT strategy or data governance, the hoped-for added value of the new technology often falls short and expensive investment decisions fail. Because at the end, digitization is not a function, not a department, not a position – it is a cross-enterprise discipline.

Without enterprise-wide program management and project management, digitization initiatives are oftentimes isolated initiatives. Budgets and projects are approved by different sponsors in the organization which leads to a lack of end-to-end value streams. These organizational setups prevent real, digital benefits. For companies, it is usually already a major challenge to make all on-going digitization projects transparent and to determine their goals and allocated budgets.

Companies often find that new products and services attract more attention internally than they do externally with customers. In particular, companies with complex products tend to better listen to their own engineers than to their customers. As a result, the external perspective gradually fades into the background causing developments and trends in the company’s own industry, as well as macro environment, to be missed.

Our solution

A clear, coordinated picture of the future for the digitization of your company is the basic element for strategic decisions and digital infrastructure projects. We work with your management team to develop such a vision for your digital projects – without bric-a-brac and buzzwords, but with immediately applicable visions of the future and specific guiding principles.

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Clear, sophisticated visions of the future and guiding principles for digitization in your organization.

Developed collaboratively within your leadership team for maximum alignment.

The basis for a digital realignment of your company with complete transparency about goals and required digitization initiatives. Even projects that have already been started can be brought back to life in the process.

High customer orientation, consideration of relevant trends, as well as best practices from the industry environment.

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