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Digital Roadmapping

Your implementation plan for digital transformation

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With a Digital Roadmap, we develop the mission for the implementation of your digital goals and visions for the future. It defines the goals and outcomes of the digital initiative and sets the key milestones along the way. 

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Holistic implementation plan for your digital transformation and related digital infrastructure projects
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Transparent listing of all goals, budgets and required resources (internal and external)
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Optimally align priorities, project schedules, and reduce project risks caused by dependencies

The mission for your digitization strategy:

Get projects off to a successful start with the Digital Roadmap

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With a digital roadmap, you break down organizational silos and create a common framework of action for all teams and service providers involved in the transformation. This allows you to identify project risks early on and effectively reduce implementation problems because dependencies between individual projects can be outlined and clearly managed.
Transparency is key to the success of major digitization initiatives. The Digital Roadmap provides a 360-degree view of the planned program and creates clarity around the project’s goals, scope, and timeline. The digital roadmap thus serves as a common guide for all the teams involved in the upcoming months of implementation.
Even after the digitization program is initialized and launched, individual projects must be managed on an ongoing basis. Maintaining budgets and performance targets, as well as communicating important changes and milestones, requires multi-project management. The Digital Roadmap sets the stage for successful program management.

Ein abgestimmter Handlungspfad orchestriert alle beteiligten Teams, fördert dadurch Höchstleistungen und reduziert Projektrisiken.

The organisatorische Silo-Denken ist immer noch die vorherrschende Organisationsform in großen Digitalisierungsprogrammen. In der Digitalisierung führt dies aber zu einem Nicht-Gelingen, da nur übergreifende Konzepte und gemeinsam abgestimmtes Agieren einen durchgängigen Informationsfluss ermöglichen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Roadmapping supports companies to develop an clearn and forward-lookingn digitaln Strategic Plan zu entwickeln. This approach follows am structured process that enables companies to precisely define their digital ambitions. The close linking of strategic planning and practical implementation creates a tangible roadmap that enables the step-by-step realization of the goals ensures. With a focus on milestones and resource allocation, Digital Roadmapping pave the way for effective and successful implementation of digital initiatives. 

Digital Roadmapping offers various advantages, including the strategic alignment of the companiess, to harmoniously integrate digital initiatives and goals into the overall strategy. Furthermore, digital Roadmapping provides for Efficiency increases through targeted resource deployment, driving innovation by identifying new digital opportunities and seamlessly integrating innovative technologies, and the better assessment and minimization of risks during implementation. These advantages ensure that companies can shape their digital transformation in a targeted, successful and future-oriented manner. 

The Digital Roadmapping process comprises several successive steps, starting with the analysis of the current situation, in which a comprehensive assessment of the existing digital strategy, the available resources and the existing technologies is carried out. This is followed by the definition of clear and measurable objectives that are in line with the company's overall strategy. A thorough assessment of existing as well as potentially relevant technologies to achieve the defined goals is performed. A detailed timeline and roadmap is then created, outlining the step-by-step implementation of the digital initiatives. During implementation, the roadmap is continuously monitored and evaluated to ensure that the objectives are met. This structured process ensures that a company's digital transformation is targeted and effective. 

Xtentio not only offers the creation of the digital roadmap, but also actively supports the implementation of the planned measures, e.g. with our Framework FAST. Our support extends to the initial development of the digital roadmap, careful project management and continuous monitoring of progress. We are at your side throughout the process to ensure that your digital goals are successfully realized.


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