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Data & Content Management

Let's tackle your product and customer data management

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Our data services teams are specialists in product and customer data, and can serve as an extended workbench for your digital projects. 

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Every day, we provide valuable support to a wide range of clients. Our approach is straightforward, professional and highly flexible. As a result, we accelerate data-intensive projects such as system rollouts and system replacements, continuous feed management, and data quality projects.

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We are your support for data quality, data maintenance, and data migration

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We are experts in managing product data and customer data

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We have high expertise in working with data management systems such as PIM, DAM, CMDM, CRM, and ERP

Our services

The implementation and operation of Product Information Management (PIM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems often falls short of expectations due to missing, incomplete or outdated product and customer data.

The completeness and granularity of product information required on online marketplaces is often not given. There is a lack of appropriate resources within projects or the line organisation to research, source, prepare and maintain data in the prevailing systems.

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Researching and obtaining raw data for data maintenance can be time consuming and costly. We support you in gathering necessary data from internal departments or external partners and suppliers and maintain it directly in your systems.

Maintenance and enrichment of product data and customer data

New products and new product lines often create a seasonal workload in data maintenance. Our teams assist in capturing, enriching and updating your master data and product data. We also provide ongoing support, for example in customer master data management.

Data mapping and feed management

Your B2B customers request structured product information or electronic catalogs? We help with data mapping and take care of distributing the data to your partners. Our experts help you manage feeds from online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping.

Migration and consolidation of data

You are planning a system replacement? Large amounts of data need to get from A to B? A product line will update shortly and all product information needs to be up to date at one go? We cleanse, consolidate, restructure, and migrate the data from the migration source.

Frequently Asked Questions

Data & Content Management refers to the efficient organization, maintenance and management of product and customer data. It includes the capture, preparation, enrichment, and distribution of this data to improve the performance of data management in the company zu unterstützen. 

Our expertise lies in various services including data quality, data maintenance, data migration, product and customer data management, data mapping, feed management and more. 

Proper data management is critical to the smooth operation of digital projects. Missing or inaccurate data can lead to delays, inefficiencies, and quality issues. It can also undermine customer and partner confidence and potentially lead to legal or regulatory consequences. 

An "extended workbench" refers to our team of experts who act as an extension of your own team. We assist you with data projects and tasks that require additional resources. This flexible approach allows you to respond effectively to peaks in demand or special projects without making long-term staffing commitments. 

We have extensive experience with data management systems such as PIM (Product Information Management), DAM (Digital Asset Management), CMDM (Customer Master Data Management), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and many other data management systems.

We support with the procurement necessary data both from internal departments and from external partners and suppliers. We will enter this data directly into yoursystems. 


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