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Digital Audits

Paving the way for digital transformation

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With our holistic digital audit, we determine the digital maturity level of your company and draw up an action plan for necessary improvements. As part of this analysis and recommendation for action, we identify the digital strengths and weaknesses of your company and identify opportunities and risks. To get the new digital target images on track, we work together to develop a digital roadmap.
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Holistic 360° analysis of your company's digital maturity along customer touchpoints and sales channels, IT systems, product and customer data as well as processes, workflows and organizational units

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Well-founded identification of areas of action and improvement opportunities with clear suggestions for improvement and initial budget and effort indications as part of your organization's digital roadmap

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A structured and integrated approach - we work with your teams to identify the most important issues and actions to be taken, ensuring new knowledge and transparency about the different requirements and challenges. And all that in just 2 months

What our clients say about us

Holistic information supply chain management is the key competence for digital business models

Information Supply Chain Management (ISCM) is an enterprise-wide discipline that orchestrates the value stream of data, systems, organizational units, and customer touchpoints toward customer value.

While the requirements for these value streams vary by business model, industry, and organization, they have one thing in common: Only when information about products and customers flows continuously and consistently throughout the enterprise can true digital value be created.

The basic prerequisite for digital customer touchpoints such as online configurators, e-commerce stores, or channel feeds to marketplaces like Amazon is complete, granular, and consistent product data. From the creation of the product idea to market launch and product phase-out, the product data information supply chain is a fundamental component of any digitization strategy. It ensures that all relevant systems, channels, and stakeholders receive product data of the right quality, at the right time, and in the right place.
Satisfied, loyal, and returning customers are the key to your business success. Consistently aligning your customer centricity strategy with the customer creates significant competitive advantage and growth opportunities. As the number of customer touchpoints continues to grow rapidly (e.g., online store, social media, point-of-sale), connecting these touchpoints and managing a “golden record” is essential for your customer relationship management, customer communications automation, and the KPI systems that build on them.
Across sales channels and service points such as the online store, point-of-sale, customer hotline, and service center, reliable product and customer data is essential to delivering an outstanding customer experience. Only a product & customer data bundle creates real, digital value for sales and service teams, as well as for the customer. For example: The configuration of a complex product, including pricing and quoting, can be done seamlessly online and the customer gets a solution faster. Plu customer service cases run smoother and quicker as the service team has all the information they need about the product used and the relevant customer information.

Gemeinsam betrachten wir mit Ihnen die beteiligten Felder der „Informationslieferbahnen“. Dies sind neben IT-Systemen und den darin abgebildeten Daten und Schnittstellen vor allem Prozesse und Menschen. Daraus abgeleitet erhalten Sie einen abgestimmten Fahrplan der Handlungsfelder mit klaren Empfehlungen und Einschätzungen zu Zeit- und Budgetbedarf für die Realisierung eines ganzheitlichen Information Supply Chain Managements.

Frequently Asked Questions

A digital audit is a holistic analysis of a company's digital maturity along customer touchpoints, sales channels, IT systems, product and customer data, as well as processes, workflows, and organizational units.

A digital audit helps to identify the digital strengths and weaknesses of your company and to highlight opportunities and risks. Based on this analysis, a Digital Roadmap is created to implement the digital target images.

Yes, a Digital Audit analyzes your current IT systems and processes and identifies potential bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Based on these findings, optimizations can be made to improve digital efficiency and the customer experience.


A Digital Audit can be beneficial for companies of any size and in any industry. It helps to identify individual weaknesses and develop tailored strategies for digital transformation, regardless of whether it is a retailer, a B2B company or a service company.

Xtentio offers comprehensive digital audits to help companies assess their digital maturity. We analyze digital channels, processes and strategies to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks. Based on our expertise, we develop an individual action plan to achieve your digital transformation goals.

You can at any time contact us, to arrange a no-obligation consultation. Our experts look forward to helping you conduct a comprehensive digital audit and lead your company into the digital future.


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