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Your path to a digital future

With our comprehensive portfolio of digital expertise, program management methodology, and data services, we can shape your customized digital transformation.

Our services

We empower your business with holistic solutions that deliver real digital value. With experienced experts on your side who are 100% honest, independent and reliable. Experts who make digital change happen and give your ideas new life.

Xtentio is 100% independent from software vendors and integrators.

Digital Strategy - The clear vision and roadmap for your digital transformation

The basis of strategic decisions and digital infrastructure projects is a clear, coordinated vision of your organization’s digital future. We work with your management team to develop such a vision for your digital projects.

Leistungen zur Digitalen Strategie

Digital Vision Engineering

Development of a digital vision for individual business units or the entire organization

Digital Roadmapping

Development of a digital roadmap with clear goals, budgets, responsibilities and a realistic timelines

Digital Audits

Holistic analysis of your digital maturity level and set-up of a directly implementable action plan for your digital fields of action

Consulting - digital expertise from experience

Digital initiatives can be supported and accelerated with technical, field-proven expertise. This is the strength of our interdisciplinary team of consultants with years of technological and methodological expertise.

Our consultants are effective at managing internal and external project teams, as well as software vendors, integrators, and agencies. We are 100% independent of software vendors which assures you a broad and deep expertise in the individual technology areas – without bias to single system solutions.

PIM - Product Information Management

Product Information Management (PIM) supports the collection, management and provision of product information. PIM ist an enterprise software that enables companies to efficiently manage product information.

DAM - Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management (DAM) simplifies and accelerates the output of media files, such as graphics and video, in the right formats and resolutions for multiple communication channels.

CMDM - Customer Master Data Management

CMDM considers all systems, processes, and touch points where customer data is created, processed, or required.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

CPQ - Configure, Price, Quote

CPQ enables your customers and sales teams to easily and securely configure complex products using configurators. In this way, you cannot just offer products, but solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of your customers and provide real value.

Channel-/ Marketplace Feeds

Cross-channel strategies and connectivity to online marketplaces enable companies to reach new markets and audiences. As each marketplace platform has unique product information requirements, companies need to establish centralized feed management.

Leistungen im Consulting

Digital Transformation Management - making change sustainable

Based on many years of experience we succeed in sustainable digital transformations – through consistent involvement of all relevant stakeholders and teams – both internally and externally. Cross-departmental understanding of new digital solutions, ways of working, processes and technologies must be learned and experienced.

Our tool set includes modern agile frameworks (e.g. FAST, SCRUM, SAFe(R)) and classic project management standards (e.g. IPMA).

Leistungen im Digital Transformation Management

EAM - Enterprise Architecture Management

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) ensures a continuously suitable IT architecture for an organization’s individual business purposes.

Software selection

Software selection secures making the right decision about new enterprise software for an organization. The challenge for organizations is to select the most appropriate software vendor for their needs from among many available solutions. 

FAST - Framework for agile scaled teams

FAST is the project management framework that truly drives your digital transformation.

Content & Channel Management - data services for faster project results

In most cases, digital initiatives require the maintenance and migration of large data sets. Whether it is product data or customer data, our data services teams are available to support you and to ensure faster project results. We cover internal resource bottlenecks and provide tangible support for your projects with a high level of technical and tool expertise.

Data & Content Management

Our data services teams are specialists in product and customer data, and can serve as an extended workbench for your digital projects.

Digital Distribution

Whether on marketplaces, retailer platforms or online partner integrations - the sale of products via online channels always requires up-to-date and correct product information. A well-established connection to online platforms is the key to success on digital sales channels.

Leistungen im Content & Channel Management

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