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FAST - Framework for agile scaled teams

The scalable, agile framework for your Digital Transformation

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Agile project management methods are based on the idea that requirements and solutions can change during a project. It is therefore important to be able to react quickly and flexibly.

Unlike traditional project management methods which focus on long-term and comprehensive planning, agile methods are designed to develop short-term goals, flexible plans and respond quickly to change. Agile project methods are also focused on collaboration and quick integration of feedback to ensure that the project stays on track and meets requirements and goals. In this context, agile methods such as Scrum and Kanban need to be mentioned, as they have become increasingly widespread in recent years and are being used successfully in many industries and projects.

However, agile methods such as Scrum have been designed to work especially in small teams.
They are not suitable for managing cross-organizational transformation projects with large teams and many sub-projects that are interdependent.
Furthermore, the classic waterfall approach is no longer an alternative in a world where the framework’s conditions are constantly changing.

FAST is the project management framework that truly drives your digital transformation.

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FAST is an agile and scalable project management methodology for large-scale digitization projects.

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Unlike other methods, FAST is lightweight, transparent, and quick to implement. FAST comes with pre-built policies, roles, tools and templates. The method therefore noticeably improves the performance of your projects already in the first weeks.

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The core elements of FAST are a reliable rhythm, organization via value streams, and fractal planning. It is highly scalable and allows the management of digitization programs until successful holistic change.

With our “Framework for Agile Scaled Teams” we make large transformation projects agile and manageable.. The FAST methodology provides a holistic, scalable planning framework that can be used to safely and dynamically drive even large projects to completion.

Our solution for this gap is the “Framework for Agile Scaled Teams”, short FAST. We have developed FAST on the basis of our many years of project experience and are constantly improving the framework together with our customers.

What our clients say about us

The benefits of FAST

Agile methods are based on strict, fixed implementation cycles – the sprints. FAST scales this rhythm to further temporal dimensions. The most important element is the FAST Season Planning. In a fixed quarterly rhythm, the Season Planning provides a steady beat at which projects, teams, goals, delivery objects and results are synchronized again and again and thus become controllable. This creates continuous alignment, transparency, focus and a constant link between strategic business goals and operational implementation.

With FAST Value Streams, the big “elephant” is cut into smaller thematic slices to make the big picture manageable.

Clear rules ensure that these subprojects exclusively pursue beneficial goals and generate value.

In addition, cross-functional workstreams such as change management and operations ensure that not only the perfect solution, but also its anchoring in the organization and future operations are always monitored.

Solution: Results that stay.
Requirements, deliverables, features, processes, concepts, product.
Program Management: Works internally.

Solution process, project organization, resources, planning.

Change management: Works externally.

Change, acceptance, training, feedback, organization.

Operations: Systems and Processes.

Operations, Support, Release Management, DevOps.

The FAST project methodology leverages proven agile standards and methodologies and is based in part on SAFeTM, the most successful scalable agile framework for programs and enterprises. However, FAST deliberately dispenses waives complexity. The method is therefore lightweight and transparent, quick to learn and improves the performance of your projects already in the first weeks.

Your first steps with FAST

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Agile Health Check

Via a transparent process we initiate an Agile Health Check that shows the maturity level of your organization in terms of agile ways of working. From this, you will receive specific suggestions on how you should start FAST.

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FAST simulation

You want to experience FAST? Join us for a FAST simulation, and after a brief introduction, experience a 4-hour simulation of a Season- Planning.

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FAST Quick Start

It doesn’t take much to convert your project method to FAST. You can learn during the first seasons and change your way of working step by step to the FAST methodology. FAST is designed to help you learn and apply the elements of FAST without an elaborate “launch process” but with plenty of on-the-job training.

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FAST Practitioner Training

You are driving agility in your organization? You are integrating new agile thinking into the rhythm of work and inspiring new ways of doing things?

You are still missing the all-encompassing toolbox that enables you to implement and manage agile multi-projects in your company?

Become a FAST expert! With our Practitioner Class, we offer a full training program and provide you with a framework to take agility to the next level in your organization.


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