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Channel-& Marktplatz-Feeds

Selling products successfully on global online marketplaces

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Cross-channel strategies and connections to online marketplaces such as amazon, eBay or Alibaba enable companies to reach new markets and target groups and thus generate sales growth. Because each marketplace provider has its own requirements for product information, companies need to establish and maintain a central feed management system to be successful on marketplaces.
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Feed management is an emerging discipline that ensures the supply of product information to online marketplaces.
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Electronic product catalogs are prepared specifically for marketplaces and are output automatically.
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Feed management systems also support pricing, the creation of marketplace campaigns and the evaluation of marketplace transactions.

Benefits of Feed Management

Online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping require the creation of customised electronic product catalogues. Each marketplace has different requirements for the attributes, image formats and data hierarchies needed.

IT systems for feed management enable the central management and preparation of channel feeds for individual online marketplaces.

Channel managers can use the software to initially set up a data feed per target channel without any technical knowledge or programming skills and then benefit from an automated connection. New data requirements from the marketplaces, and especially the addition of new assortments and products by the brand, can then be met quickly by updating the data feeds. Feed management as a discipline therefore supports efficient, secure workflows and marketplace-optimised data feeds, ensuring greater visibility and increased sales success.

Online marketplaces offer businesses the opportunity to quickly reach new markets and audiences. Big players such as amazon and eBay have an international presence, helping brands to achieve greater reach and awareness.

Common feed management software usually offers more than 50 standard interfaces to international online marketplaces out of the box, ready for companies to use.

Feed management tools not only help companies distribute product data to online marketplaces, but also ensure that the content is optimised in advance.

In a best-practice architecture the software is fed with product data from upstream systems, such as PIM. The Channel Manager then creates a data feed for each marketplace in what is known as a “mapping interface”. The tools provide the channel manager with valuable advice on the requirements and guidelines for the content of the marketplace when creating the data feed. For example, the length of product titles, product descriptions or image formats, as well as the availability of individual items, need to be prepared differently for each marketplace.

In this way, feed management systems contribute to a more efficient and streamlined delivery of your product information. In addition, the knowledge is also documented in the Feed Management Tool. This avoids person-related expertise (individual knowledge for documenting product information) and enables knowledge transfer from individuals in the tool (decentralisation of knowledge).

Feed management software allows you to centrally visualise and compare the performance of your offered assortment across online marketplaces. Using pre-defined or customised Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Channel Managers can identify specific areas for action and initiate improvements. You will also be able to see how you are performing against your competitors in different marketplaces, spot price movements at an early stage and react accordingly. Advertising spend for marketplace campaigns can also be continually optimised to increase the sales success of your products.
Based on marketplace price analysis, feed management systems can help channel managers set an optimal selling price. Based on customisable rule sets, available inventory and comparisons with competitor products, this type of “dynamic pricing” enables the optimum price to be set at all times. For price-sensitive products, this can even be done automatically based on rules, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Get started with Feed Management

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Gathering the requirements you need for Feed Management Gain overview of your individual requirements for the Feed Management discipline for online marketplaces. In requirements management, we consider not only functional but also process-related, organizational and strategic factors. All requirements are recorded in comprehensive documentation so that an informed choice of feed management software can be made in the next step.
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100% independent and neutral selection of your new feed management system

To help you find the right feed management software for your business, we support you with our managed software selection process, from requirements gathering to vendor presentations and contract negotiations. Xtentio is 100% independent of software vendors and integrators. We use a market-negative selection process. This ensures that only those suppliers who really meet your requirements are shortlisted.

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Operational support for feed management

The management of large volumes of product data and the provision of data feeds to online marketplaces requires a variety of roles to perform tasks such as quality assurance, ongoing data maintenance and data migration. Our Product Data Services teams are ready to help and take care of managing your feeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feed Management ensures that online marketplaces are supplied with product information. Feed management enables companies to reach new markets, target audiences, and generate revenue growth. Each marketplace operator has specific requirements for product information, so centralized feed management is essential for a successful presence.

  • Automated connection to various online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or Alibaba
  • Specific preparation of electronic product catalogs for each marketplace
  • Support in pricing, setting up marketplace campaigns and evaluating transactions

An omnichannel strategy allows companies to reach their target audiences across multiple online marketplaces. By connecting to multiple marketplaces, companies can increase their reach and generate revenue growth. Each marketplace has different requirements for product information, so a centralized feed management solution is important to be successful across all channels.

Xtentio offers comprehensive feed management solutions. Our team supports companies in preparing and managing product information for various marketplaces. We are at your side to optimize your omnichannel marketing strategy and enable successful feed management.


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